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– Is the bouncy castle anchored? All anchorage points ought to be used and mooring straps ought to be affixed to solid points, if situated on hard soil. Mats might not be necessary on soft ground.
– Is there at least one individual always supervising the children on the bouncy castle? Do not rely on the attendants who are collecting cash as their focus are divided and cannot totally supervise the activity.
– Does the bouncy castle appear overcrowded? If kids are always knocking into each other, the attendant may well not be following the maximum load recommendations.
– Are kids of different ages/sizes mixed? If the demand is great the attendant should operate a limit to avoid larger kids destroying smaller ones.
– Are children instructed to eliminate sharp articles of clothing like jewellery, buckles and shoes and is the rule applied?
– Are there any signs that the attendant is controlling the children?

Hiring your personal bouncy castle?

Before determining which firm to employ a bouncy castle from, request for their terms and guidelines that contain the following information:

– Choice of site where bouncy castles are constructed, such as cushioning hard ground in the open side.
– Mooring and inflation of the bouncy castles must be at least one foot in length. In the event the inflatable is for outdoor use, never hire one without means of anchorage.
– Recommended maximum variety of kids that can be safely accommodated on the bouncy castle at the same time. This may be influenced size and by the age of the children who are to make use of the inflatable.
– Guidance on using additional equipment such as perimeter obstacles.

What to do in the case of windy or wet weather.

Proposed Supervision arrangements- kids should be supervised and handle by a responsible adults at all times while it’s used. Children of different ages shouldn’t mixed in once bouncy castle. We advocate that adults and kids must not be on bouncy castles together. Adults should simply use bouncy castles made especially for adult size and weight. Additional insurance cover is important too should you hire a bouncy castle

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Viability of Fax Machines in a Digital World

8. digital fax machine

The advent of the internet, like any other technological evolution, has been a mixed blessing. On one hand, the world of websites has unprecedentedly speeded up business activities and transactions while on the other it has ensured the redundancy of several modern gadgets and workplace appliances. However, one device that has survived the onslaught of internet as well as been able to hold its sway is the humble and unassuming fax machine. A signature on a faxed document is considered more authentic than an online autograph. Data getting hacked or tampered during a faxed transfer is out of question. The faxed sheet emerging out of the machine is documentary proof that the dispatcher has transmitted the document to the recipient.

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Technical feasibility and affordability of online business fax

online fax

You must remember two things to be successful in today’s competitive world, you need to be fast and you need to be efficient enough. Today things become outdated pretty fast and it is important to be aware of the latest updates. In the past fax machines used to be one of the most important devices in any office, but with time they became obsolete and people started favoring other platforms. Most of the work is done through mails and websites as it is smooth and pretty fast. One just needs to register their domain and get it hosted with a well known hosting company like hostgator or bluehost.

Now we are reaching a point when people have started using internet faxes instead of traditional ways of fax machine. It is inexpensive and transmits data pretty fast. Some of the advantages of business fax service are: Continue reading

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Key benefits of using online fax services

5. fax

Traditional fax machines are known for their utility but the arrival of computerized fax services is a blessing. Apart from big businesses, small ones and start up businesses can also save both time and money. It allows the user to send and receive faxes via their email inbox. Faxes can be received as attachments which is easily downloadable with a proper internet connection. Digital signature which plays a significant role in faxing can be applied to any document quite easily. Receiving faxes over email inbox keeps them more secure against misplacing, theft and other problems. You are likely to be more organized which may boost productivity at workplace.

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Relevance of fax machine in business communication

7. Fax machines

Though the concept of fax machine is quite old but it is still relevant in business communication and other essential aspects of business expansion. Anyone might consider you traditional if you provide them with your fax number. There are following reasons why fax machine has still not lost its importance in business.

  • Communication: Fax machines have made it easy in receiving and sending documents rather than delivering or receiving them through post mail and such other delivery services. Documents requiring any signature can be simply handled through a fax machine. You have the scope of obtaining the printed copy of any document while receiving or sending information on any project or commercial transaction. In distant areas where internet is slow fax is the only source of obtaining and sharing business information quite fast.
  • Sales Tactics: Certain firms utilize fax broadcasting for making more sales and increasing the prospects. These sustainable efforts would only become useful when the target market is quite prone to use fax machines rather than email. Broadcasting faxes are mainly used in announcing sales or offering discounts to the chosen database. Press releases and newsletters about your services and products can also be forwarded through the fax machine.
  • Copying: The fax machine also acts as photocopier. Though the cost of using the fax devices for copy documents become expensive due to the higher costs of cartridges but then you do not have to spend additional money on purchasing a photocopier separately.  It is not that bad as you are getting additional benefits from a single machine.
  • Printing: Fax machines attached with your computer can be used in printing purposes as well. Though the toner present in the printer is less expensive than that present in the fax machine but for essential documents this option is quite fine.




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Relevance of FAX machine in modern times

In today’s world every organization is relying on the smart services provided by various digital platforms for smooth commercial transactions with their clients. There is plenty of marketing software tools are also on the verge of making a deep impact on the customer and client relationships. In this perspective you can naturally ask the relevance of fax machine in official transactions. It cannot be denied that with the emergence of technological revolution fax has become an outdated concept but still its importance cannot be neglected for small enterprises. This is evident in the availability of latest fax machines with technical adjustments to meet the criteria for the present requirements.

These latest fax machines are quite simple to handle and reduces manual processing to a lower extent significantly. These fax machines are equipped with internet connection for receiving and sending mails with secured transaction codes. Unlike digital platform there is no scope for any third party to change the content of the topics in between and now there is the scope of receiving confirmation messages once the document is delivered successfully. Many fax machines do support digital signature to ensure the integrity of any forwarded documents. Now you can integrate your fax server with apps like Novell Groupwise, Lotus Domino and Microsoft Engage for fast forwarding of the data and documents to the targeted users quite easily. Hence you cannot easily declare the end of fax machines when many firms are using it in an extended version. People often take much time to respond to a particular machine and to fill that vacuum these modernized fax machines do play an important role. A relevant example of such machine is eFax j2 Global where traditional technology of fax is infused with mobile based business services.



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Uses of fax in digital age

The fax machine as a modern invention is an essential part of any business enterprise. It has some unique capabilities which distinguish it from email and telephone communication. Fax machines have the ability of sending and receiving documents containing imagery and text. It receives a physical statement or document from a sender and later transmits it in a physical form. As a result, there is no need for scanning the document before sending or printing it after receiving.

Sending and receiving important documents through fax is a major part of business communication globally. Despite internet powered alternatives, more than 100 million fax machines are presently in use. The users can integrate fax servers with varied office messaging environment.

Using a fax machine is quite easy and a key reason for its global acceptance. Almost anyone can feed the pages to be sent into the machine. Afterwards, it’s all about entering a fax number and waiting for a confirmation. Nowadays, fax server solutions facilitate sending and receiving faxes from devices through email.

The outgoing faxes result in notifications that are delivered to a sender informing about fax delivery status. A successful notification comes as soon as the remote device display signs that everything was reproduced and received properly. Fax servers may be also configured for logging and archiving copies of outbound and inbound faxes. Integration of MFPs alongside a fax server allows one to log on and archive fax messages within a centralized destination.

Fax machines also ensure successful delivery as receiving fax machines acknowledges the successful receiving of documents. This is not the case with mobile textual messaging or even emails. More often, fax server software also include backup for the digital signatures. It ensures the fax data’s integrity without any hassle. It is not easy to replace fax as a modern communication standard for international and national standard.




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Importance of FAX machine

A Fax is an electrical device which primarily deals in sending and receiving messages and pictures with the help of a telephone number. The documents inserted into the machine are completely scanned and transforming them into bitmap. When these are forwarded through telephonic system they are converted into the audio frequency signal. The fax receiver deciphers such coded signals and re-prints the exact copy of the forwarded pictures and texts in a separate sheet. Fax machine is now stationed in every firm across the world. Its importance has not been reduced with the introduction of e- mail and Whatsapp applications. The market price of the machine is quite cheap when compared with devices like laptops and Mac books. During the 80s’ use of fax machine had been enhanced substantially for the first time. Now fax is primarily done through internet. Digitalization of this device is also in progress.

Fax machine is mainly the brainchild of Alexander Baine. The process of digitalizing fax machine was initiated in the year of 1985 and the credit goes to Hank Magnusik. He devised the first computerized fax board known as Gamma Fax. With the help of digital fax machine it has become much easy to forward pictures and textual messages without any technical glitch. Besides, the receivers have the option of getting crystal clear images of original pictures as well as of the textual documents. It is also important to mention that Japan was the first nation to initiate modernization of the fax machine. Though it cannot be denied that consumers are showing little interest in his machine but still many middle and small size business establishments are relying on this machine for their successful commercial transaction. With the help of this machine they can forward their order lists to the distributors quite easily.

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Fax FACTs.

What does Fax Stand for?

It stands for facsimile machine which is an electronic machine that can send and receive text and pictures over the old traditional phone line.

They work by taking the incoming information and making a digital image. that is divided into a dot grid. Each dot is either white or black.

The dot is represented by a bit that is either on or off.

The machine can translate pictures from the number of o’s you submit which is called a bitmap.

Fax machines translates numbers into a picture.

The receiver of the fax reads the incoming data (the zeros) and reprints many pictures.

Since the 1800’s when Alexander Bain invented his receiving signals machine using telegraph wire.  Near the same time, F.C. Blackwell from London received a paten for something similar called a copying telegraph.

So…really fax machines have been around for awhile but they actually didn’t become popular until the 1980’s (when peeps were rappin live).

Today Faxes are commonplace in businesses and offices of all sizes.

They are an expert and inexpensive way to a fast and reliable method for communication.


You can find faxes on many desks throughout out the world at different companies

Ordering a paper supply and using glue stick to help you is a genus idea!


Yeah…well talking about faxes does that to you.  Makes you start talking nonsense.

Let’s just say this….Why do we need the fax?

Computers are more detailed and way better right?

Not quite.  Some companies are still left I the ….well…the 1800’s and in order to work with them and be an overall dominating business…fax machines are a necessary evil.

I guess it’s always good to have primitive backups available just in case the WWW goes down.

Hey!…..Is it just me or does anyone else think that WWW (THREE W’s) would be a forewarning to the third world war?

What if it’s NOT going to be a physical battle but rather a technological one?

That’s deep.


Let’s talk about it next time instead of  these boring fax facts.



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Bouncy Castles And Businesses

As a parent, you’d like your child’s birthday to be wonderful, for his guests and for him. There are several ways to go relating to this, but one cost-effective approach to do this is to hire a bouncy castle for the celebration.

Aside from the fun, the guests could get a good amount of exercise.

Yet, it is necessary to see that accidents can and do happen while playing on jumping castles. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to minimize, or even eliminate, the risks connected with bouncy castles.

For starters, search for a reputable bouncy castle hire business. A reputable firm ensures that its equipment is in optimum condition and follows good safety practices.

Make sure to talk with the company about the most effective spot to place the bouncy castle. Typically, bouncy castle hire companies prefer putting their equipment on grassy, level grounds. Hard level ground will do, but you might have to fork out a couple of dollars more for the padding to be utilized to protect the jumping castle. Locations with slight inclines may do. Whichever location the business urges, ensure that its staff assembles the fortress properly and securely.

When the wind velocity reaches 30km/h, a reputable company will cancel the function during days or inclement weather. But, the weather may be fickle mistress along with a sunny day can carry on to become a rainy and blustery day in an instant. The fortress can be toppled by high winds while the rain can make the top layer of the play place slick.

Find somebody who will supervise the kids who play before the party starts. You can find your hands full with the jobs which you need to do and you might not be able to give considerable time to check on the kids playing on the bouncy castle, before and through the celebration.

If you’re hiring a bouncy castle for party or an event for grownups, don’t forget that bouncy castles and alcohol are dangerous combination.

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