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– Is the bouncy castle anchored? All anchorage points ought to be used and mooring straps ought to be affixed to solid points, if situated on hard soil. Mats might not be necessary on soft ground.
– Is there at least one individual always supervising the children on the bouncy castle? Do not rely on the attendants who are collecting cash as their focus are divided and cannot totally supervise the activity.
– Does the bouncy castle appear overcrowded? If kids are always knocking into each other, the attendant may well not be following the maximum load recommendations.
– Are kids of different ages/sizes mixed? If the demand is great the attendant should operate a limit to avoid larger kids destroying smaller ones.
– Are children instructed to eliminate sharp articles of clothing like jewellery, buckles and shoes and is the rule applied?
– Are there any signs that the attendant is controlling the children?

Hiring your personal bouncy castle?

Before determining which firm to employ a bouncy castle from, request for their terms and guidelines that contain the following information:

– Choice of site where bouncy castles are constructed, such as cushioning hard ground in the open side.
– Mooring and inflation of the bouncy castles must be at least one foot in length. In the event the inflatable is for outdoor use, never hire one without means of anchorage.
– Recommended maximum variety of kids that can be safely accommodated on the bouncy castle at the same time. This may be influenced size and by the age of the children who are to make use of the inflatable.
– Guidance on using additional equipment such as perimeter obstacles.

What to do in the case of windy or wet weather.

Proposed Supervision arrangements- kids should be supervised and handle by a responsible adults at all times while it’s used. Children of different ages shouldn’t mixed in once bouncy castle. We advocate that adults and kids must not be on bouncy castles together. Adults should simply use bouncy castles made especially for adult size and weight. Additional insurance cover is important too should you hire a bouncy castle

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