Fax FACTs.

What does Fax Stand for?

It stands for facsimile machine which is an electronic machine that can send and receive text and pictures over the old traditional phone line.

They work by taking the incoming information and making a digital image. that is divided into a dot grid. Each dot is either white or black.

The dot is represented by a bit that is either on or off.

The machine can translate pictures from the number of o’s you submit which is called a bitmap.

Fax machines translates numbers into a picture.

The receiver of the fax reads the incoming data (the zeros) and reprints many pictures.

Since the 1800’s when Alexander Bain invented his receiving signals machine using telegraph wire.  Near the same time, F.C. Blackwell from London received a paten for something similar called a copying telegraph.

So…really fax machines have been around for awhile but they actually didn’t become popular until the 1980’s (when peeps were rappin live).

Today Faxes are commonplace in businesses and offices of all sizes.

They are an expert and inexpensive way to a fast and reliable method for communication.


You can find faxes on many desks throughout out the world at different companies

Ordering a paper supply and using glue stick to help you is a genus idea!


Yeah…well talking about faxes does that to you.  Makes you start talking nonsense.

Let’s just say this….Why do we need the fax?

Computers are more detailed and way better right?

Not quite.  Some companies are still left I the ….well…the 1800’s and in order to work with them and be an overall dominating business…fax machines are a necessary evil.

I guess it’s always good to have primitive backups available just in case the WWW goes down.

Hey!…..Is it just me or does anyone else think that WWW (THREE W’s) would be a forewarning to the third world war?

What if it’s NOT going to be a physical battle but rather a technological one?

That’s deep.


Let’s talk about it next time instead of  these boring fax facts.



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