Importance of FAX machine

A Fax is an electrical device which primarily deals in sending and receiving messages and pictures with the help of a telephone number. The documents inserted into the machine are completely scanned and transforming them into bitmap. When these are forwarded through telephonic system they are converted into the audio frequency signal. The fax receiver deciphers such coded signals and re-prints the exact copy of the forwarded pictures and texts in a separate sheet. Fax machine is now stationed in every firm across the world. Its importance has not been reduced with the introduction of e- mail and Whatsapp applications. The market price of the machine is quite cheap when compared with devices like laptops and Mac books. During the 80s’ use of fax machine had been enhanced substantially for the first time. Now fax is primarily done through internet. Digitalization of this device is also in progress.

Fax machine is mainly the brainchild of Alexander Baine. The process of digitalizing fax machine was initiated in the year of 1985 and the credit goes to Hank Magnusik. He devised the first computerized fax board known as Gamma Fax. With the help of digital fax machine it has become much easy to forward pictures and textual messages without any technical glitch. Besides, the receivers have the option of getting crystal clear images of original pictures as well as of the textual documents. It is also important to mention that Japan was the first nation to initiate modernization of the fax machine. Though it cannot be denied that consumers are showing little interest in his machine but still many middle and small size business establishments are relying on this machine for their successful commercial transaction. With the help of this machine they can forward their order lists to the distributors quite easily.

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