Relevance of fax machine in business communication

7. Fax machines

Though the concept of fax machine is quite old but it is still relevant in business communication and other essential aspects of business expansion. Anyone might consider you traditional if you provide them with your fax number. There are following reasons why fax machine has still not lost its importance in business.

  • Communication: Fax machines have made it easy in receiving and sending documents rather than delivering or receiving them through post mail and such other delivery services. Documents requiring any signature can be simply handled through a fax machine. You have the scope of obtaining the printed copy of any document while receiving or sending information on any project or commercial transaction. In distant areas where internet is slow fax is the only source of obtaining and sharing business information quite fast.
  • Sales Tactics: Certain firms utilize fax broadcasting for making more sales and increasing the prospects. These sustainable efforts would only become useful when the target market is quite prone to use fax machines rather than email. Broadcasting faxes are mainly used in announcing sales or offering discounts to the chosen database. Press releases and newsletters about your services and products can also be forwarded through the fax machine.
  • Copying: The fax machine also acts as photocopier. Though the cost of using the fax devices for copy documents become expensive due to the higher costs of cartridges but then you do not have to spend additional money on purchasing a photocopier separately. ┬áIt is not that bad as you are getting additional benefits from a single machine.
  • Printing: Fax machines attached with your computer can be used in printing purposes as well. Though the toner present in the printer is less expensive than that present in the fax machine but for essential documents this option is quite fine.




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